Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rants of a lonely Soul

i know i have none
though i am an enemy to none
i know i have none
to fight for me, to live for me
my war has only just begun
i know i have none
for god too has left, leaving me none

it wasnt my choice to pick
destiny did the trick
i awoke to the war
a war that shall stop
only when i reach the heavens atop

where is the war ?, they asked
for they did not see it was a war meant only for me
within me it raged
killing none injuring one
with none to answer my call
the climb to freedom seemed very tall

summers and winters went by,
questions left unanswered, why oh why ?
the war never ceased
it was a lost cause
though there was only one victor
and one loser
there was no hope
the solution - a thread of rope
yet i fought the war,
fought for survival
even though i know i have none
for god too has left, leaving me none !!!


  1. :(. U have us! Wish i could understand what troubles u so much.. :(

  2. wat is this appu...i really wish i could help u out...

  3. gosh guys its just a poem !!!

  4. Seemed quite personal actually ... i like the labels you have given to the post ;)

  5. jav...proabably a wee bit personal and thanks !!