Friday, July 6, 2012

Love or Confusion

A hot summers day
We were at the bay
The trees had a rhythmic sway
There was a lot to say

There was fun and frolic
No , we were not alcoholic
There was a lot of laughter
Yes , we were together

Then I popped the question
Her face filled with emotion
"will you marry me ? ", I asked with conviction
"I don't know", she retorted with confusion

Closer she came - said " I love you "
She dint know ,I loved her more than she knew
The future looked bleak
What can I do to fix this leak ?

We decided to take it one day at a time
I decided to carry on and make a dime
For now she is with me
Forever I dont know if it'll be

For I know there was a distance
And there was resistance
But I knew I loved her and I missed her
I hope we are forever together

To my Wonderful Parents....

You taught me love
And not to shove
You taught me life
And to stick together during times of strife

You taught me to make a meal
And not steal
You taught me to dine
Without fine wine

You taught me to help those in need
And to do a good dead
You taught me to read  and write
And to fight adversity with might

You taught me to forgive
And to whole heartedly give
You told me to forget
No matter what you get

You taught me to be creative
And appreciative
You taught me to thank the creator
And to strive to achieve heights greater

You taught me to reason
No matter the season
You taught me to be humble
Without much of a mumble

You taught me to smile
And go the extra mile
You taught me to be happy
Even when things were crappy

You taught me everything
Without expecting anything
You taught me to be me
Without you I could never be

To a friend who left....

Laden with a broken heart
As if  hit by a poisonous dart
Everyone played their part
Do I deserve this start ?

They promised to be there till the end
But did not even stay till the bend
There was nothing to mend
It was a bitter end

No one knew my plight
The situation was indeed a fright
The end seemed within sight
Nothing seemed bright

She was my only friend
Without her I was left to fend
I could not comprehend
My life was a downward descend

They  did not mean to offend
Although the tone was condescend
I was left to pretend
In what was a dead end.